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Prince Harry regrets not talking

"It's OK to suffer, as long as you talk about it," says Prince Harry at a charity event addressing depression and mental health issues, held in London this week.

Harry, who had to cope with the loss of his mother in an exceptionally public forum at a very young age, was encouraging those who had also suffered loss to seek qualified help in addressing their feelings and sharing their experiences, whatever their role in life.

To help support emotional wellbeing, Prince Harry, together with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have founded the charity, Heads Together, (similar to CCC) to offer support and care to those with emotional  and mental health needs.

Prince Harry says, "I regret not talking about my mother's death sooner.  Weakness is having a problem and not recognising it and not solving that problem. The key message here today is that EVERYONE can suffer from mental health issues."

Here at CCC, we offer support and compassion for those needing help with depression, burnout, loss, bereavement, and many other forms of mental health issues.  Call us if you need to talk.


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