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Workplace wellbeing makes commercial sense! Reduce absence levels, increase productivity, improve employee engagement and loyalty, and fulfil your duty of care to support the mental health of your staff… all with minimal investment.

What our organisational clients say about us...

Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling have provided a really helpful service in our employee wellbeing arena, offering a range of practical help in a number of areas and maintaining a full level of confidentiality of our employees. 

I know our absence levels have been reduced as a direct result of the support provided by Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling.

Huntingdonshire District Council - Corporate Team Manager


Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling (CCC) has provided services to our Trust since September 2015.  Previous to this, I worked with CCC for many years in providing the counselling service to employees of another NHS Trust.  This was the main reason for choosing them to provide the service, as we have had an excellent working relationship and they have always provided an excellent service. 

Our process involves our OH nurses assessing and referring employees to the counsellor so there is structure to the service.  The employees are provided with an information sheet and a referral code, which they then use to make their own arrangements with CCC. 

The counsellor we currently have works with us on site as an extended member of the team, and is always proactive in getting clients in at a time which suits them, even if it means coming in early.   The communication lines are always open with CCC and they are very responsive to our needs. 

The financial aspect is very straight forward and easy to manage.  There are reviews held to look at activity and client feedback, which is very useful in looking at service development.  We have not found any other counselling service that meets our needs as CCC does and hope to continue our working relationship for many years to come.

East Midlands NHS Occupational Health Department - OH Manager


Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling have provided counselling services to our organisation for several years now.  Although we don't need to use their services very often in a year, it gives us peace of mind to know that they are there if we need them.  As with most businesses, money is tight, so we were sceptical at first about the benefits of a counselling service.  However, after we referred one member of staff with a long-term absence problem, we soon realised that a small investment meant long-term savings.  The counsellor helped the employee to return to work quite quickly and they are now a loyal member of staff, who is able to manage their condition on a day to day basis.  Since then CCC have also helped our staff with other issues, including coming to terms with bereavement and family problems, as well as staff conflict.

I would recommend CCC to other medium sized businesses who want to support their valued staff and reduce staff absence levels.

Cambridgeshire SME - HR Manager 


As an independent sixth form college, we have found CCC's counselling service invaluable as part of our welfare programme to support our students, many of whom face the additional challenge of being separated from their families and countries for periods of time.  We provide excellent pastoral care for our students through our own staff, some of whom are trained counsellors, but the extra support we receive from CCC is invaluable.  The students appreciate the fact that they organise the counselling themselves and that after the assessment they are assigned the counsellor who can best support them. 

We are confident that the counsellors understand the challenges that our students face and they are able to related to young people in an engaging way, which has resulted in most students deriving a great deal of benefit from only a few sessions.

Financial arrangements for students are simple and communication is easy and efficient, whilst maintaining the strictest client confidentiality.  CCC is flexible in trying to meet the needs of different organisations and has also provided some stress management workshops as part of our PHSE programme for our students.  In summary, we are very pleased with the CCC counselling service and really appreciate the value it brings to our students.  We would recommend it to other schools and colleges to assist in supporting the wellbeing of their students.

Cambridgeshire Independent School - Vice Principal



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