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Become part of a network of like-minded professionals!  Receive paid referrals, expand your experience, and contribute to the wellbeing of those most in need in your community.  Join CCC today!


To change your password you must first log in using your existing password.

Click on the "My Admin" link on the side bar Members Menu.

At the top of that page you will see "Edit my profile".

Click on this link.

This will bring up a form which will allow you to change your password or your email.

You cannot change your username.

You will need to be a member of CCC to have a login.

Go to the Members Area

Halfway down the page there is an 'Existing Memers login request.

Click on the Request a Login butoon, complete and submit.

An email will be sent to admin,

Your login should be with you within 48 hrs - subject to workload.

You will receive an automated email with instructions what to do.






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It means that I can provide counselling services for a charity for a few hours a week to contribute to the local community using my specialist skills.  I can offer as many or as few hours each week as is convenient to my lifestyle and as fits in with my own private practice.  I usually provide sessions as needed at my own practice premises, though if I am willing to do so, I may be asked to go into the premises of organisational clients to provide either counselling sessions or related services if I am qualified and willing to do so.

It is a paid role, so I invoice CCC monthly for any work I have carried out on their behalf, but my main motivation is to help people who wouldn't ordinarily be able to afford counselling, as CCC cannot guarantee what sessions may be offered to me each month.

Although funded counselling is available through your GP, there are often long waiting times and some GPs often rely on pharmaceutical solutions rather than talking therapies.  Some clients are too embarrassed or don't want to bother their GP because they don't consider themselves to be 'ill'.   Many of these people simply can't afford to pay market rates for private counselling so this is where CCC comes in, asking people to pay only a minimal fee according to what they can afford.

Some clients are referred to us via another specialist charity or via their employer. 

Membership fees are a very small part of our funding (as little as £20 per year per member) along with chargeable CPD events and private donations.  By far the majority of CCC's funding comes from providing counselling services to organisations, helping people who may not otherwise have been able to access a counsellor, and assisting employers with fulfilling their duty of care to their employees.

Most counsellors enter the profession because of a strong desire to help those in need.  As their practice grows, they become aware of certain clients who might benefit from additional sessions but can't afford to pay for them.  Some counsellors offer reduced rates for these clients, but wonder about those that desperately need help but couldn not afford to come to them in the first place.  CCC bridges that gap, and puts those in need that can't afford to pay market rates in touch with experienced counsellors who want to help the most vulnerable in society. 

Counsellors may also join to get a few extra referrals without having to advertise, or to join a group of like-minded professionals and share best practice. 

Unlike working for an EAP, CCC is run by its members and Trustees.  Some paid officers provide services for specialist functions such as finance and corporate sales, but counsellors are part of the team, not employees.

There are opportunities to join CCC as either an accredited or non-accredited counselling member and CCC recognises a number of professional bodies.  CCC operates according to the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice, and takes pride in the high quality of counselling services provided by its members.  New members are accepted if they can prove they meet the appropriate standards, following completion of an application form and a short interview.  Members need to be personable and have the appropriate level of qualifications, experience, safety checks and insurance. 

Please contact our Membership Officer for details.



Because CCC is a membership organisation, you can help to steer the direction of the charity and have an input into how it is run and which projects are supported.  You really feel part of a community of counsellors if you choose to attend the local meetings and AGM, where you can elect Trustees and Chairs.  There are regular CPD events and discussion groups, and together with a group of like-minded professionals, you are contributing to both the organisation and to the local community.

Contact the CCC Membership Officer for an application form and to discuss any questions relating to membership. 



Go to the Counsellors page on the CCC website and under Member Login select wither Forgot your username? or Forgot your password? 

Follow the instructions to reset your username.  You will need the email address you first logged in with.

Follow the instruction to reset your password. You will need the email address you first logged in with, and your Username.




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Sometimes the information in a column in Excel is to wide and may appear a ####  

Resloving this is easy and is covered in the Finance Induction and Welcome Letter which can be downloaded from the members area on CCC webstie - its in the Finance folder.  The link takes you to a youtube video which shows you what to do.

To save you here is a link for you to watch 

This answer is comprehensive with the aim of helping counsellors with the form - please read it through carefully


CCC is a registered charity and therefore has to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, including paid officers in finance. 

It is the  claimant's responsibility to ensure that their claims form is complete, accurateand  all sections have been completed, before submitting a claim to finance for processing.

This will ensure claims can be processed quickly and efficiently by finance.  Please be aware that, where a claim is received and there are errors etc that can be easily and quickly be identified and fixed, Sue will amend the claim and inform the claimant.

However, in other cases where this cannot achieved or a claimant is submitting claims with errors regularly, the above support cannot be ongoing and the claim will be returned to the claimant, with an explanation of the error and asking them review, amend and resubmit.

Where a claimant has special needs and requires support, please contact your CCC buddy or Sue or myself.

Our advice is once you have completed the form, leave it for a while (the next day is even better) and then review the your form with fresh eyes before submitting it to finance.  

Where can you go for help?

FAQs - there are lots of FAQs  on the website covering finance, counselling and other issues.

Finance Induction and Welcome Letter - provides useful guidance on finance and claims an.d includes the links to the videos showing how to complete the form

CCC Buddy - everyone is allocated a CCC Buddy who is there to help and probably has faced similar problems you are facing

Contact Finance - as indicated above this costs CCC so should really be only once all the other avenues above have been exhausted


I leave you with this advice which I received from an old boss of mine

“If in doubt, read the instructions.  It saves time in the long run.”


At October 2016 MG&T I was tasked, as Treasurer, with reviewing the Counsellor Claims forms with a view to:

1. Making the claim form easier and quicker to complete.

2. Reducing the error rate on claims submitted to finance

3. Ensuring Charity Commission and Accounting requirements are met

For those who don’t want to use Excel, a Pdf version of the new form is available in the member’s area of the website, but clearly without the benefit of semi-automation that Excel provides.  

What you say

Thanks again to those counsellors who have provided feedback.  A couple of examples:

I do like the look of the spread sheet now and the fact that it is more compact - just spaces for 6 sessions but counsellors being able to put the session numbers in so the sheet accommodates all clients no matter how many sessions they have been allocated.

Overall I think it is a huge improvement on what we had before.  It always takes time to iron out the little niggles and we will get there.

And ……… we made a video!  

Recognising CCC is a disparate organisation and getting to meetings for training on the new form is not always easy for counsellors, one suggestion was that I make a video demonstrating how to complete the form.  

This was new territory for me, but based on feedback received folks have found it helpful and like the ability to go back and watch again whenever it suits them.  I’ve deliberately broken them down into bite size.

1. How to Complete CCC Counsellor Claims Form  8 mins

2. How to complete the monthly CCC Expenses Form   3 mins

3. How to complete the Invoice Request Form  3 mins

4. Counsellor Claim Form – Update Feb 17  2 mins  


Please ensure your claim is supported by counterfoils/ receipts which need to be forward to Sue.  We are happy for you to scan/ take a picture and forward to Sue, provided it’s clear when printed out by Sue so it if fit for audit purposes. This saves you cost and ensures your claim is supported for audit purposes.

Invoice Request Form(IRF) - don't forget to check it is fully completed before submitting to Sue by 7th

Even if you use the Excel version, which links information you have put into the Counsellor Claim Form to save you inputting again, there are some questions at the foot of the IRF you still need to complete. 

##### in a column

Indicates the column is not wide enought for the data.

Please check out the FAQ “How do I widen the column on the Excel Claim form”

I hope this is useful to you.



Dave Grundy

Treasurer CCC



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