Hunts and Cambs 01223 233047
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Hunts and Cambs 01223 233047
Peterborough 01733 553166

Exceptional Client Feedback for CCC!

CCC has been providing excellent service to clients since 1978!

This year's client feedback shows 99% of clients who responded were satisfied with the service they received from CCC.

Clients were given a feedback survey to complete anonymously and return to CCC's Co-ordinator of Counselling, so that they could be completely honest with their assessment of the service.  This year, 88% of respondents reported that they were completely satisfied with the service they received, a further 10% declared that they were very satisfied, and another 1% identified as satisfied.  In total, that is an impressive 99% saying that they were satisfied with their counselling experience.

The survey asked clients to rate their experience in terms of the arrangements of accessing counselling, how quickly they were seen by their counselling after the inital contact, how comfortable they felt with their counsellor and how well the counsellor listened to and understood their issue, whether the client felt they were able to explore all of their issue, understand their situation better after counselling, and whether the process enabled the client to make changes to improve their situation.  Overwhelmingly, clients found the whole process an exceptionally positive experience.


Clients were also invited to comment about their experience with CCC and some are quoted below:


  • My counsellor made me feel very comfortable.  I was anxious beforehand, but I soon found I was able to talk to my counsellor about anything and she helped me to find different approaches to my situation.
  • My counsellor was understanding and compassionate but didn't try to influence me into anything I wasn't comfortable with.
  •  Fantastic counsellor.  Really helped me a great deal and not sure where I would be without her.  I was taught valuable coping skills.  Thank you.
  •  The telephone interview at the start of arrangements was really useful.  I was matched with a counsellor who was perfect for me.  This was a massive improvement on the counselling I had received elsewhere previously.
  • Without this help, I don't think I would have coped with life! My counsellor is a wonderful counsellor.
  •  This was an excellent service and I made lots of progress.  Much better than the work EAP I had used in the past.  I felt my CCC counsellor was very well training and interested in helping me, not just doing a job and ticking boxes.

 In these challenging times, when people often feel under excessive pressure at work and in their home lives, it is essential that people feel they have someone to talk to who will help them to put their issues into perspective and give them the tools and confidence to make positive changes to improve their situation.  Many of the above commments came from clients whose employer had funded their sessions as part of their staff wellbeing  and corporate social responsibility initiatives.  Investing in counselling for your staff reduces employee absence and strengthens company loyalty, as well as providing a personal benefit to your team.


 If you think you would benefit from counselling, contact CCC's nearest branch.  Your employer may be willing to fund your sessions.

               Peterborough 01733 553166              Hunts and Cambs   01223 233047


If as an employer, you would like to discuss how to support your staff with counselling or other mental health initiatives such as awareness training, support for managers in handling challenging behaviour or support through change, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07906 878488. 


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